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Homeowner adjusting smart thermostat
September 08, 2023

Will A Smart Home Save Energy In Brooklyn?

As a sensible homeowner, you’re frequently looking for ways to lower utility costs and reduce energy use. Have you considered utilizing automation available with a full-featured security system? Smart homes are more than just a fun way to remotely switch on your lights. Actually, a smart home can help you save energy in Brooklyn. Keep reading to find out how.

How Smart Home Technology Can Help You Save Energy In Brooklyn

Do your comfort settings stay at 72 degrees whether you’re home or at work? Do you often go downstairs at the start of the day to see lights still shining? Home automation can let you eliminate situations that misuse energy and cost you money. The solution is in the wireless access, control, and programming functionality available in smart components like lights and thermostats.

Take Advantage Of Wireless Access, Scenes, And Schedules

You are probably well aware of how high utility costs can get. Now you have the possibility to utilize your home in a more economical manner. Here are some of the ways you may save.

  • Wireless access and control: You recently departed on a week-long trip but neglected to adjust your HVAC settings or switch off the lights. Not to worry. By engaging the straightforward security app on your cell phone, you are able to adjust the temp and control smart light bulbs. Additionally, you can revert the temp back to where you want it before returning.

  • Put devices on a schedule: If there’s nobody at home over the course of the day, do you need to use your furnace or A/C at full blast? As an alternative, set your smart thermostat to cooler temps in the morning and evening when people are home and a higher setting when the house is vacant to lower your energy use. You won’t have to lift a finger as your thermostat will update automatically. You may take the same approach with smart lights. There’s a worthwhile safety perk, too, as you may schedule your lights to brighten at different times, making it seem like you’re home when you aren’t.

  • Create a scene: Were you aware you can make custom scenes? You can set them for specific circumstances, like when you’re [[at home|home], at work, or on vacation. This lets you control components like your lights, locks, and thermostat. For instance, a bedtime scene might turn off lights, lock your main entrance, and lower your comfort levels. Using scenes for when you’re not in the house can make a significant impact on energy usage.

  • Geofencing: Another great, energy-efficient way to use automated components is with geofencing. When using this technology, your system can determine your whereabouts based on your phone's location. When departing in the morning, your thermostat can adjust temps automatically. Conversely, they may be changed back to your standard levels when you come home.

Automation provides more than money savings. It can also boost your safety. For example, you can have your front door lock on its own at certain times or secure it yourself through your mobile device. You may also activate your alarm from any location for greater peace of mind.

Customize Your Brooklyn Energy-Efficient Smart Home With Secure24 Alarm Systems

Lower your energy consumption in Brooklyn and save money on utility costs with an energy-efficient smart home from Secure24 Alarm Systems. Our advanced home security packages give you all the necessary tools, like remote access and geofencing. Call (212) 553-6593 to customize your new system today.